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Land Clearing Equipment

We offer land clearing equipment in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.

Land Clearing Equipment

Our equipment can grub or mulch trees of any diameter!  Request a single machine or multiple machines to your job site.  Our crew and our equipment have the experience and capacity for any sized land clearing job. We can grub roots and all with our Caterpillar or Volvo Excavator and Hydraulic Thumb attachment.  Below are pics and videos of some of our fleet of land clearing equipment. Most our land clearing equipment consists of cutter-heads mounted to designated forestry mower machines.

Most of the equipment can be used to clear land by mulching and grinding the trees. In order to properly choose the best land clearing equipment, we test new techniques and strategies. Machines that only pull trees up by their roots still create a brush pile, but our mulchers can turn the bulk of that pile into mulch. Without our diversified equipment and team of experts, you could find yourself unable to clear certain areas of your land based on the topography and geology. (e.g. very rocky areas, steep creek banks and pond damns)

Fecon FTX 128

These are our medium-duty dedicated forestry mulching machines, powerful enough for all out clear cutting of brush and trees, yet still small and nimble enough for residential land clearing jobs requiring selective land clearing and brush grinding. We have both rubber and steel track versions of this forestry mulcher, extending its capabilities of working in soft or unstable soil conditions. The rubber track version is capable of crossing pavement or sidewalks without damaging their surfaces.

Attachments: Forestry mulchers for numerous applications, brush mower, grapple, bucket, tree shear, pallet forks, feller buncher.

Our custom Bushwackers Fecon FTX 128R is easy on hard surfaces because of it’s rubber tracks.

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Galotrax 300

This PTO driven, tracked mulcher has high horse power (270 hp) capable of high productivity. The mechanically driven mulching head transfers more power to the tree than hydraulically driven systems. The push bar hooks make it capable of dismantling most brush piles so that it can mulch these piles without a second machine to dismantle. The carbide teeth are a little more forgiving in rocky soil. This Bushwackers land Clearing machine brings brawn to the job site but lacks the finess of the smaller mulchers which have high lift arms.

Volvo EC160 CL

This is an excavator with very wide tracks. Not as small as the Caterpillar 308 or as large as the Caterpillar 320 it is very capable of working on soft terrain. Bushwackers Land Clearing does not have a mulching attachment for this machine but we do offer a stump harvester/tree sheer as well as a large bucket. This machine is extremely fast at uprooting trees and picking them apart into smaller pieces, as well as removing stumps from the ground.

Attachments: Stump harvester/tree sheer, bucket, mulching head.

Vermeer TG 525

Our largest piece of equipment this machine is called a Tub Grinder. It has a large rotating tub placed on top of a mulching rotor. Almost anything that will fit into the tub will be spit out the conveyor system into a pile as mulch. It requires 2 machines to accompany it in order to work efficiently. Usually accompanied by Bushwackers Volvo 160 excavator to load it and a Caterpillar 299 to aid in material transport and clean up. This machine is for the large jobs where mulching of brush and trees where they stand is not an option or for the job where there are piles of material needing to be mulched. Making more uniform mulch than our other machines the Tub Grinders product can be used for a variety of things a customer may deem appropriate.


Caterpillar 308C Midi Excavator

Bushwackers Caterpillar 308C is a heavy mid-size excavator manufactured by Caterpillar. It is large enough to efficiently clear heavy and large tree growth as well as heavy excavations while not being so large as to require clear cutting of a property. These machines excel in taking down very large timber with almost no limit to size either by mulching the timber or uprooting it depending on the job requirements.

Attachments: Fecon Forestry Mulcher, Large Bucket, Root Ripper and a Hydraulic Thumb attachments that has a compact radius to selectively clear unwanted trees (larger than 8″) from hard to reach areas or land clearing that is too rocky for our forestry mulchers.

cat 308c with Fecon mulching attachment

Here it is shown with a Fecon mulching attachment that is specialized to mow steep embankments and areas that cannot be traversed by a track mulcher. It is also equipped with a bucket and grapple for taking down and moving larger trees and logs.

Caterpillar 320E L

This is the Bushwackers Land Clearing  medium sized excavator. It is large enough to efficiently clear heavy and large tree growth as well as heavy excavations while not being so large as to require clear cutting of a property. These machines excel in taking down very large timber with almost no limit to size either by mulching the timber or uprooting it depending on the job requirements.

Attachments: Forestry mulcher, large bucket.


Cat 299D XHP

This is our Bushwackers Land Clearing CTL (compact tracked loader) that is equipped with high flow hydraulics, auxiliary coolers, and wide rubber tracks for Low Ground Pressure applications. This machine is compact enough to maneuver in tight places and allow for very selective clearing of trees and brush in most terrain. We have numerous attachments available for our fleet of 299’s. These machines are the workhorses of our fleet and are very adaptable to terrain being able to seamlessly transition from steep rocky terrain to low lying wet terrain to city streets. Due to the large number of attachments we have available these machines perform a variety of duties while still being efficient mulchers.

Attachments: Forestry mulchers for numerous applications, brush mower, grapple, bucket, tree shear, pallet forks.

Compact Track Loader, with its Fecon Forestry Mower attachment is our newest addition to our brush mowing fleet. The 299D XHP is the largest skid steer made by Catapillar generating 110 hp. The fecon forestry head is rated to mulch brush and trees up to 8 inches in diameter but is capable of mulching somewhat larger trees. With a high power engine, high output hydraulic system, high lift forces, vertical lift design and torsion axle suspension, it has the maximum performance for brush grinding and mulching on any job.

299D XHP


John Deere 5100E

This is a medium duty tractor with a front-end loader and a large 15ft Batwing brush hog. It is ideal for mowing of wide-open areas with few obstacles to mow around.

Attachments: Front-end loader, box blade, rake, land plane, 15ft batwing brush hog.

Same 90 Turbo

This is a medium duty tractor with an 8ft brush hog. It is ideal for mowing of those areas with numerous obstacles to mow around.

Attachments: Box blade, rake, land plane, 8ft brush hog.

Big Tex Dump Trailer

This is a large dump trailer that is pulled behind a 1-ton truck. It is ideal for hauling off of debris and mulch from a site or moving material.

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Land Clearing Equipment Rentals

Having the right equipment, the right people, and the proper training will save you tons of time and money. But what about land clearing equipment rentals? Bushwackers Land Clearing does not provide land clearing rental equipment. Instead we offer our entire crew, our various machines, and our professional expertise for around the same cost to rent a forestry mulcher, or brush grinder. Why would you rent a piece of land clearing equipment when you can rent an entire company? The idea here is that we have the knowledge to run the equipment safely, and without damaging the land clearing equipment. Damaging land clearing rental equipment can be very expensive, and the rental equipment used for land clearing will most likely not be in the best of shape due to inexperienced renters. Our advice is that land clearing equipment rentals should be avoided.


Land Clearing Equipment For Sale

Bushwackers Land Clearing will sometimes sell a piece of equipment to either upgrade or replace an existing piece of land clearing equipment. If you are looking to purchase land clearing equipment to do a single job or a few jobs, don’t waste your money. These forestry mulchers and other land clearing equipment for sale are very expensive to maintain and service. The best way to get your land cleared is to let Bushwackers Land Clearing bring all of their equipment and crew and just take care of it for you. If you think you can buy land clearing equipment for a few jobs and then resell it, forget it. This can also be a big waste of time and money, especially if you are not a qualified land clearing equipment mechanic. Forestry mulchers are very intrinsic machines. A qualified mechanic on site is essential.  Leave the tough jobs to the tough professionals at Bushwackers Land Clearing and save yourself time and money.


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