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Land Clearing Prices: Cost per acre

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The first thing we always hear when someone calls asking for land clearing prices is; “How much will it cost?” Unfortunately that question can often be ambiguous. It is difficult to give land-clearing prices due to many variables. These variables include, size and density of the trees that need to be mulched, obstacles to be mowed around (mature trees), soil conditions and topography. If these variables are removed, each of our forestry mowers can cover up to 4 acres in a 10 hour day at a cost starting at $160 per hour depending on which machine or combination of land clearing machines that are needed. One way we keep costs down is to give the best guestimates over the phone rather than spending a day driving and fuel to give an on-site estimate. A group of home design and construction professionals, homewyse, offers a land clearing calculator. They state their cost should be around $4000.00 per acre. Very often Bushwackers Land Clearing can beat their land clearing estimates.



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