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“…a pleasant experience, a job well-done and secured a repeat customer…”

Dear Bushwackers Family,
We want to give a big thanks to all who were involved in helping us set-up the appointment to clear some land and get it done quickly, especially Mr. Clint. Mr. Clint was the Bushwackers Pro we were given, and he was such a wonderful young man. It was so, extremely refreshing to have been blessed with meeting and working with someone like him. It is so hard nowadays to receive quality services. However, Mr. Clint provided us QUALITY services, AWESOME manners, GREAT character, AND CARING services. If you’re lucky, you might get 1 of any of these qualities, but hardly ever all that I mentioned Mr. Clint gave to us. Thanks Mr. Clint, thanks Mr. Jerry and any others that we connected with to set-up and get our task completed.

I am a retired, Air Force service disabled veteran who is back and forth between being in a wheelchair and/or needing a cane to walk with because of service disabilities. I am often ill and required to spend time in the sun to help with healing. We needed the wooded area cut back so that we could provide a safety net for me (and our young kiddos) to get back into our home, should we encounter any of a number of wild animals that live among us (i.e. bobcats, coyotes, field rats, etc.). Mr. Clint’s attitude and great work ethic, gave us a pleasant experience, a job well-done and secured a repeat customer in us with Bushwackers. His actions are about to earn him a repeat business request and maybe more since he was willing to get the job done right, and share with us other services Bushwackers offer. We’d like Mr. Clint to always be our Service Pro if possible as we look forward to using you again and again in the immediate future. Have a blessed and wonderful rest of your day.

–Thanks Again Bushwackers Family,
You gained a repeat customer.
The Allen Family.