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“…Ian did in those two days what would have take us 4-5 years to do.”

Our property, located west of the Atoka Reservoir, had been clear cut about twenty years ago and had been left alone to let nature take its course. Beautiful pines, oaks, rocks and boulders adorned the elevation of the place. However, the undergrowth of poison shmack, wild berry vines, and thorny vines made it impossible to hike or explore. We tried clearing some of the old logging trails ourselves, but soon realized the job was more than we could handle. And, we realized from the little we had accomplished that dozing the undergrowth would still leave unwanted brush piles and using a brush hog would not handle some of the bigger stuff.

We live between Denton and Fort Worth, so it was important for us to find a company that could do the job and do it right! Well, let us say that we believe hiring Bushwackers was the best decision we could have made. We were very pleased with the whole experience! “Impressive” is what I thought when Ian pulled in with a F350 6X4 pulling a BigTex Trailer loaded with a hugh zero turn bushwhacker, a side by side, generator, fuel tanks, and tools. It was like he had his own shop right with him to handle unexpected problems so he could work the full 16 hours for two days. And work he did!! He probably got done 95%-98% of what we had thought of. We didn’t know how much he could get done, but Ian did in those two days what would have take us 4-5 years to do. It was not only the most efficient way to get the clearing done, it was effective because I was able to use Ian as a sounding board. He was willing to offer his ideas but was always sure I was the one making the decisions. Having a good operator was great but having him also be knowledgeable and respectful was and added bonus!! Our thanks to all the Bushwhacker Team! You guys have earned a repeat customer here!

The Bray Family in Keller, TX